Financial Investigative Services


AIT® provides Forensic Accounting and Financial Investigative Services in our secure facility. Documentation can be uploaded to AIT’s SharePoint site, through the use of a secure Cloud or shipped directly to our offices. Work starts immediately upon receipt of the records. Casework can be viewed at any time through a VPN or secure Cloud. AIT works directly with the customer to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Records that took months / years to process and analyze now can be completed in hours / days. Comprehensive reports and queries can be generated at a customer’s request. Quality Assurance and Case Integrity checks are performed ensuring data is 100% accurate.

Using our unique Comprehensive Financial Investigative Solution and our vast experience in handling financial documents and case evidence, AIT can help you process and manage your case documentation, putting control of the case back in the hands of the investigators.

Evidence is kept in a secure facility during processing and shipped back to the customer as soon as possible. If data is uploaded to AIT’s SharePoint site, once uploaded into CFIS®, the data is deleted immediately.

AIT has processed cases in rapid speed and have found assets that others did not find working the same case. CFIS immediately identifies co-conspirators, schemes, patterns, account numbers, source/destination of the funds. CFIS visual aids assist users in viewing and understanding data.

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