Can You Find a Needle in a Haystack?

With the CFIS Software You Can!


Data Processing

No threshholding or sampling of data!  All data can and should be processed due to the speed and accuracy for the CFIS!



Automated Data Capture

Automatically process paper and electronic financial documents and record data into a centralized comprehensive database.

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Reports & Queries

Analyze Data

(Intelligent Document Analyzers) process and reconcile bank, brokerage and credit card statements to zero in record speed capturing all data and instantly providing reports and queries showing the source and destination for all transactions where data was present.


Increase Cases

Speed and Accuracy

Increase accuracy and speed of your data entry efforts which substantial increase in the number of cases, record analyzing, and criminal activity detection, and allow investigators to focus on the flow of money to identify links to co-conspirators, organizations, transactions, and accounts that may be overlooked when done manually.


Wire & Check Reader

Read all wire formats, MICR line of checks, & typed and printed checks.




Queries and Reports can be filtered a myriad of ways instantly providing intelligence to move, seize assets and follow the whole scheme. Data analysis, graphic visualization of financial transactional patterns, flow of funds – link analysis showing all transactions and support documents, a color-coded combined chronological report for all selected accounts.


Enterprise Configuration

Collaborate, working together concurrently to input data, whether bank, brokerage or credit card statements, voluminous support documents or reports and queries.


There really is no need for any other software!


Centralized comprehensive database for case-related documents can be either scanned or imported from electronic files.


All records are managed, organized and easily located which can be immediately exported.


Search through files quick and fast.


Bank, brokerage and credit card statements are rapidly reconciled to zero giving you the confidence you need to testify in court on the accuracy and completeness of your case.

Linking of Documents

All support documents are linked to statement transactions for 100% accuracy. Right click on a document and the image is immediately shown telling the whole story.

Ease of Use

Reports, queries and a flow of funds chart, link analysis, can be selected in a moment.

Case Analysis

Easily expand an organization’s ability to efficiently analyze cases from the smallest to the very largest.

Case Integrity Checks

Case integrity check and linking details reports which assists users in case there might be possible errors in the data that has been entered.

Extra Features:

Phone records, Invoices, job costing reports, Paychex journals, etc can be processed with the use of our powerful Intelligent Document Analyzers.